Using GPT-4o has completely transformed the experience for ChatGPT users at no cost

Calvin Wankhede / Android Authority has revealed that OpenAI is actively working on developing its next-generation GPT-5 language model. However, the company surprised everyone earlier this week with an incremental update to GPT-4 Turbo called GPT-4o. This new model brings real-time voice interaction, video capabilities, and faster, more accurate responses. This update is significant as it is the first major update for free ChatGPT users in over a year.

So, what exactly is ChatGPT-4o? Well, it’s OpenAI’s latest and most advanced language model that can process audio, video, and text in real-time. It can respond to audio inputs in just 320 milliseconds, making it capable of natural conversation. GPT-4o has been trained to handle the entire process of speech recognition and response generation from end-to-end, making it faster, more accurate, and even capable of detecting emotions in voices.

In addition to improved voice capabilities, GPT-4o also offers faster responses thanks to a new tokenizer. It is said to be twice as fast as the previous GPT-4 Turbo model in non-English languages and those that don’t use the Latin alphabet. The biggest surprise, however, was the announcement that GPT-4o will be available to all ChatGPT users for free, a first-ever update for free users since the chatbot’s launch in 2022.

Moreover, GPT-4o, being an extension of OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model, can search the internet and fact-check its responses. This is a major upgrade from the previous GPT-3.5 model that had limited knowledge and intelligence. If you haven’t used ChatGPT in a while, now is the time to try it out, as access to GPT-4o is being opened up to all users in waves.

While the voice conversation feature of GPT-4o is not available yet, it will be rolling out in the coming weeks and will be exclusive to ChatGPT Plus users for the time being. Overall, GPT-4o promises to deliver more accurate responses without a knowledge cutoff date, making it a valuable tool for users.

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