Does the State really need a Chief Minister who governs from a farmhouse, asks Priyanka Gandhi

Telangana Chief Minister KCR is ruling from a farmhouse, as per Priyanka Gandhi, Congress National General Secretary. She raised questions about the necessity of such a Chief Minister and criticized the corrupt government of BRS.

BRS has been under fire for corruption in construction projects. Priyanka pointed out that during the ten years of BRS rule, the youth did not find employment opportunities, while all members of KCR’s family found jobs.

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She alleged that lands were unlawfully acquired through the Dharani portal. Priyanka made these remarks during a road show in Zaheerabad.

Priyanka called for a change in Telangana and urged voters to bid farewell to KCR. She emphasized that farmers are content under Congress rule in Chhattisgarh and promised 24 hours of free electricity if Congress comes to power in Telangana.

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She stated that both BJP and BRS are similar parties and questioned the source of BRS’s wealth, indicating it was obtained through corruption.

Priyanka expressed that people from all sections are dissatisfied with the BRS government. She criticized Adani and Ambani for supporting BJP.

She also highlighted the increase in attacks and rapes on women in Telangana and criticized the leakage of employment examination papers and involvement in corruption.

She mentioned the suffering of farmers in the state and accused BRS, BJP, and MIM of cooperating with each other.

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