OpenAI unveils GPT-4o, takes aim at digital assistants like Assistant and Siri

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  • OpenAI has unveiled a new AI model called GPT-4o.
  • The new AI model is faster and cheaper than GPT-4 Turbo.
  • The company is making GPT-4o available to developers starting today.

OpenAI held a live-streamed event today to announce a new AI model called GPT-4o. Along with launching the new AI model, the company also revealed a new desktop version of ChatGPT with a new UI.

During the live event, CTO Mira Murati said that the new AI model was designed with “ease of use” in mind. In a blog post, the company also said that this flagship AI model is “much better than any existing model at understanding and discussing the images you share.”

In addition to being more user-friendly, the software is said to be much faster and offers improved capabilities with text, audio, and video. In fact, GPT-4o is said to be twice as fast as GPT-4 Turbo. The firm also plans to bring GPT-4o to free ChatGPT users, but it will first roll out to paying subscribers.

With the improvements to the model, ChatGPT has also been improved. You can expect faster and higher quality responses, with support for 50 different languages. Notably, you can now interrupt the chatbot’s voice responses, it can pick up on different emotions, and it speaks with a more natural human-like cadence. However, as the team demonstrated, you can ask the chatbot to speak like a robot if you wish.

OpenAI is making the GPT-4o available today for developers so they can start creating apps using the technology. The model is available through the company’s API.

Although there were few announcements during this event, this may have been the biggest debut the company has had since the launch of ChatGPT Enterprise. The business-tier chatbot launched back in August 2023.

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