Watch Out, Samsung DeX: Chrome OS Integration with Android has the Potential to Revolutionize the Game

Earlier today, my colleague Mishaal Rahman shared exclusive news that Google has been experimenting with running Chrome OS on Android. Details are still limited, but Google has been showcasing the ability to run a special up-to-date “ferrochrome” build of Chromium OS on a Pixel 8 through a virtual machine connected to an external display to its partners.

The possibility of Chrome OS running on Android has sparked discussions about the potential revival of Android’s desktop mode. This move, if realized, could have implications for Samsung DeX. Which option would you prefer – Samsung DeX or Chrome OS on Android?

The idea of having a complete Chrome OS experience on my Android device excites me, especially the thought of using it on an external monitor. This setup could offer added convenience both at home and while traveling. Chrome OS provides powerful features that are not currently available on Android devices, making it well-suited for desktop use.

Chrome OS offers a wide range of productivity tools such as a PDF editor, screen capture tool, drawing and note-taking apps, and more. It also supports the full version of the Chrome browser, enabling seamless browsing. This integration could unlock the untapped potential of Android devices.

While Samsung DeX is praised for its convenience, it primarily serves as an extension of regular Android apps rather than offering a separate operating system. The introduction of Chrome OS to Android devices could potentially overshadow DeX and impact its future.

However, the transition to Chrome OS on Android is still in early stages, and Google’s slow implementation of changes suggests that it may be a while before this becomes a reality. In the meantime, Samsung DeX continues to be a popular choice for users looking for a desktop mode on their Android devices.

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